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Automatic FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders $29 or more. (US & Canada Only)


Why ORIE Peanuts?

ORIE Peanuts are made with love. They are naturally wholesome and slowly roasted in batches to a smoky, crunchy perfection! With only a hint of salt and incorporating techniques from West Africa that enhances the taste of our peanuts, giving them a unique robust smoky flavor that’s simply irresistible and will keep you digging for more.

ORIE Peanuts are carefully sourced from local farmers in Georgia and proudly made in the United States of America. Along with offering a taste of Africa in every bite, every purchase of ORIE Peanuts proffer hope of a more promising future to girls in Africa by supporting their education and providing them with personal hygiene needs.

Enjoy the unique taste of ORIE Peanuts and make a difference in the world!

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The Orie Story

Encouraged by her mother, Nina Ijere-Otuka, a Nigerian-American Entrepreneur and the creator of ORIE Peanuts brand, began an experiment, roasting different variations of peanuts obtainable in the United States – all for the love of peanuts and to satisfy her craving for a natural smoky and unadulterated less-is-more kind of roasted peanut. A particular taste that she had gotten accustomed to while growing up in Nigeria. 

Relocating to the United States in 1999, Nina soon learnt that none of the various brands of peanuts in US had that taste and so would always ask friends and family visiting from Africa to bring her groundnuts, like her mom.  

After several trial and error, Nina was able to finally source the right type of peanut and perfected the technique to recreate that unique, unadulterated and wholesome flavor of roasted peanuts that she craved. Her family and friends who tasted her homemade roasted peanuts fell in love with its special smoky taste, crunchiness and freshness.  

With the passing of her mom in October 2015, Nina decided to memorialize her by launching the peanut line and naming it after her – ORIE. A part of the brand’s mission is to share the rich African culture with the world and to give back to the community through the efforts of Young African Girls Organization“ YAG Organization, a non-profit organization founded in 2014 with a mission to inspire, promote and empower less privileged African girls. 

Nina resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her very supportive husband, Kelly and often travels to African countries to consult, speak and provide business trainings to encourage entrepreneurship among youth and women in Africa. A percentage of every sale of Orie Peanuts go to support this mission and proffer hope of a promising future to girls in these under-developed countries.

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